Our Mission

Our mission is to close the gender gap faster by democratizing access to career coaching. To help women get more money, more opportunities, more influence, more fulfillment.

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9/10 users reported better learning outcomes.
80% of students see their course through to completion.

“I found the course material to be highly engaging, and the intructors to be helpful and communicative.”

Annabelle Porter
1. Walk the Talk
2. Unlock Transformation over Transaction
3. Lift and Be Lifted
4. Honor Self-Care
5. Enable Equitable Access

Our Guiding Principles

Deliver courses that prioritize quality over quantity.

Focus on accessibility and make learning equal for all.

Create courses that deliver excellent value for money.

Celebrate inclusion with a diverse team of contributors.

Katie Brumbach was born in the back of a circus wagon in the late 1800’s to two Bavarian performers. After years of dazzling audiences with her jaw-dropping strength, one day in New York in 1902, Brumbach came across the World’s Strongest Man, Eugene Sandow, and the two had an epic weightlifting showdown.

Brumbach definitively won when she lifted 300 pounds over her head with one hand, while Sandow barely got the weights to
his chest with two hands.

Her victory proclamation? Changing her name to Katie Sandwina in honor of the man she defeated, Eugene Sandow. The Great Sandwina was born.

We are inspired by her strength and her advocacy for women. In 1912, she became the vice president of the 800-member Suffragette Ladies of the Barnum & Bailey Circus and was sometimes referred to as Sandwina the Suffragette.

Katie Sandwina lifted others, fought for women’s rights and lived a life deeply committed to equity. She is our inspiration to lift you.
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