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SANDWINA is a collective of diverse, world-class coaches united in our mission to lift women by making coaching affordable, accessible and actionable.

We exist to make lives better, paychecks bigger and jobs more fulfilling.

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How does SANDWINA work?

Assess your needs.
Answer 5 questions to help us match you with the very best coach for you. Are you looking to level up? We have experts in negotiation. Ready to start your own business? Let our entrepreneurial coaches help you launch. Looking to become a DEI champion? Tap into the wisdom of one of our many DEI-certified coaches.
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Our LiftMatcher® algorithm enables us to identify the best coaches for you and then you have the opportunity to chat with and pick the one you want. Fit is everything. And don’t be surprised if you want to talk to all of them. Our world-class, professional coaches have more than 200 years of experience lifting others and changing lives.
Grow and advance.
Our tracking tools will help you assess your progress and where you’d like to continue to explore and grow. Our job is to make it easy for you to get where you want to be. And close the gender gap, while you’re at it. Go get that raise. Make that side hustle into the thriving business you know it can be. Crash into that board room. SANDWINA is here to lift you up and enable your success.

Join over 1,000 mission-driven women today.

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Most professional career coaches charge $250 or more per hour for their time. Seriously. Our portfolio of SANDWINA Lifters have deeply discounted their services here, and only here, because they are committed to our mission of democratizing access to career coaching. We are not for the 1%. They’ve got theirs. We are here for the underrepresented, underutilized and undervalued.


Access is more than affordability. To us, access means anyone who identifies as a woman can engage on our platform in whatever way works best for them. Our Lifters conduct sessions via phone, video or chat. Your future, your choice. We meet you where you are. Access also means working hard to make sure anyone who identifies as a woman can use our services. This is why we launched a corporate sponsorship initiative to fund free subscriptions and our Gift a Lift program which allows anyone to give a subscription to a woman they love and respect.


We are about progress, not platitudes. Our Lifters encourage you to do the work to get where you want to be. It’s designed to be a transformative experience that takes you to new heights. Throughout your engagement, you will benefit from the exploration, the self-reflection and the realization of your power. We equip you with the tools, skills and blueprint to own your future because you’ve got this. It’s all within.

What our users are saying

“Being coached by Azalia was one of the best things that I never knew I needed. She showed me how to name and understand my strengths and she taught me how to be intentional in calling upon different specific strengths in order to achieve my goals. I loved that not only did I feel more confident at work, but I felt that I was also a better friend, wife and mother from the lessons and insights I gained from coaching. She has helped me grow and I’m thankful for having her as a coach.”
Roma B., Director Project Management
“I could not have navigated the challenges of a new leadership role without Heather. Heather provided tactical coaching tips I could take and use to overcome immediate roadblocks, but also helped me think long-term about what my new role could look like and what kind of leader I wanted to be. What I found most profound and impactful in working with Heather was that she took the time to really understand my goals, values and motivators. It has inspired me to do the same with my new team.”
Colleen C.,   PR Director
"Julie is incredible! My coaching experience made a huge impact on my life, both from a personal and professional standpoint. Julie is one of the best listeners I've encountered. She really hears what you're saying and can dive deep to unpack things and help you make progress. She really pushes you to self-reflect, but only to make you better. As someone who was initially hesitant about professional coaching, I would strongly recommend working with Julie."
Rokelle J., Human Resources
“The two plus years I have spent with Melissa have led to some amazing outcomes, including professional clarity and, therefore, more fulfilling career opportunities. She has helped me gain a clearer understanding of what I want to achieve, at work, and at home, and then build the tools and practices to make those things happen.”
Anna J., Creative Director

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