Empowering women to get more out of work

SANDWINA is a collective of diverse, world-class coaches united in our mission to lift women by making coaching affordable, approachable and actionable.

We exist to make lives better, paychecks bigger and jobs more fulfilling.

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How does SANDWINA work?

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Most professional career coaches charge $500 or more per hour for their time. Seriously. We are not for the 1%. They’ve got theirs. We are here for the underrepresented, underutilized and undervalued.


There are so many coaches out there!! How to pick one? Are they qualified? We take the guess work out. All of our coaches are certified and thoroughly vetted to ensure their values and ethics align with ours.


We are about progress, not platitudes. It’s designed to be a transformative experience that takes you to new heights. We equip you with the tools, skills and blueprint to own your future because you’ve got this. It’s all within.
"My SANDWINA Coach, Julie, helped me find my voice in the workplace. I’m now more confident in my skill set and know what I bring to the table. I also have a better sense of myself. I know exactly when I’m self-sabotaging and when I’m being restless. I’ve learned to be still, breathe, and trust what I want without extra guilt."
“I had a life-changing (no exaggeration) session with a SANDWINA ‘Lifter’ and professional coach named Azalia - and I want the same for you!If you are seeking external counsel to further your career, start a business, or tackle complex issues in your current role - I want to help you try them out!”
"Sharing my gratitude for SANDWINA and Julie!! My wish for everyone is to have the community and the guidance that gets you the life and career you want. It takes a village to get a girl a job."
“Being coached by Azalia was one of the best things that I never knew I needed. She showed me how to name and understand my strengths and she taught me how to be intentional in calling upon different specific strengths in order to achieve my goals. She has helped me grow and I’m thankful for having her as a coach.”
“I was lucky to have Bridget as my coach when I was leading a $30M e-commerce transformation project. With many challenges in a very complicated and noisy environment that I had never experienced before, Bridget was the light to me when I felt in the dark. The experience I had with Bridget still inspires me today and continues to provide positive impact on my work and life.”
“Joy is an incredible listener who deeply processes what you’re telling her. She guides you to explore your inner-most reaches in a gentle and mind-opening way in order to tackle what’s holding you back, and then provides tools that will propel you into the future you desire. Joy is expertly skilled at what she does and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
“Working with Nymphaea has been a transformative experience. Especially the ability to tap into my own strengths and potential. She helped me understand those strengths and develop strategies to leverage them effectively. With that I have built a greater sense of self-confidence. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking guidance and clarity for positive life changes.”

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