Joy Slesinger, ACC, is a quirky motorcycle riding, tree-hugging, ukulele playing, introvert with a passion for connecting with people and sharing in their stories. As a teacher and educational administrator turned professional coach, Joy has developed a unique perspective when it comes to personal growth and transformation, influenced by years of study in neuroplasticity, growth mindset and the art of teaching and learning. When you work with Joy, you work with someone who has deeply studied the art of coaching and backed it with 25 years of practical experience helping students and teachers reach their highest potential.

You could be seeking coaching around career, leadership, relationships, communication, transition, health, fun or the meaning of life. In the end, whether it's about leading teams, return on investment, or personal relationships, when you work with Joy, you will be working from the inside out. You'll become more aware of your mindset, how it is serving you and what it is costing you. You'll discover what inner blocks are keeping you from your desired outcomes and learn tools to break through them. You'll become aware of all the strengths you already possess and be empowered not only to use them with confidence, but to build upon them. You can (and likely will) create smart goals and action plans with Joy, and yet most people are surprised to find that the most powerful and long lasting outer changes come from work done within.

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"Coaching with Joy has been a truly transformative experience. It’s seems strange to say, but before receiving Joy’s guidance in defining my goals and values, I truly did not have a clear picture of my own character. With this new vision of myself, I’m confident to tackle obstacles that would have previously given me great anxiety. I am so grateful for Joy’s kind and nonjudgmental curiosity, which has led me to adopting a healthier mindset. After coaching with Joy I feel like an entirely new person, and yet I have never felt so truly myself." - Alissa, Art Teacher