Karin has more than 20 years of experience in corporate management in both domestic and global arenas, including a Fortune 500 company in the UK and Inc. 500/5000 company in the US. Her experience spans coaching and mentoring, leadership and career development, as well as talent and performance management in the logistics, telecommunications and hospitality industry. Being bilingual in English and German and having the experience of working in different countries with people from various backgrounds and cultures, she possesses a unique edge in understanding and bridging cultural divides.

Karin lives her purpose of making a difference, one leader at a time. As a coach, her mission is to assist expat leaders inspire themselves and others to unlock their full potential and create high-performing multicultural teams. She also helps mid- to executive-level leaders overcome limiting beliefs and unlock their full potential in a new role. As a consultant, she offers leadership development for aspiring and new front-line leaders.

With compassion and thought-provoking questions, she encourages clients to challenge their limiting beliefs and embrace curiosity. Her collaborative approach is centered on achieving win-win outcomes, developing meaningful plans, and ensuring accountability to turn new insights into actions.

Her knowledge and expertise earned her the status of trusted advisor in any business partnership and as a speaker at conferences. As a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), Workplace Learning Professional (WLP), and Certified Customer Experience Executive (CCXE), she provides clients with valuable development tools and resources that inspire them to unlock their potential and that of their team members.

Karin’s motto is ‘Carpe Diem,’ which is evident in her love of travelling and diverse cultures, tasting regional food, and photography. She believes that everyone can design their life as they choose and inspire leaders to become their authentic, positive, and confident selves.

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“Karin’s coaching was integral to me getting my footing in my new Director role and I'm now much more confident in my position thanks to her! Karin has a great balance of tough love and compassion. She helped me give myself grace but would also push me when I needed it. I highly recommend her coaching to anyone who is looking to get through some difficult hurdles or to get to that next level.” A. Temkin - Director, Global Talent Management “Karin’s kind and considerate approach to each topic during our sessions made it easy for me to explore areas that were uncomfortable to me. It became very clear, early on in our coaching relationship that she is a true professional at coaching. Skilled, kind and considerate.” F. Vervalcke, General Manager