I would describe myself as someone who is confident, compassionate, enthusiastic, a keen learner, and a fun-loving person who loves connecting with people and exploring diverse cultures around the world. All these elements have helped me broaden my horizons yet kept me grounded to pursue a passion for health and holistic well being.

The purpose of my life is to apply my knowledge and continue my journey of pursuing passion in the field of serving others. Coming from a country where there is diversity in every nook and corner, I completed my physical therapy training from a place where even communicating in native language to some of the people was a challenge. This experience taught me about the beauty of connecting with people, understanding their needs and emotions on a deeper level in order to help them and how we as a human race are able to rise to the challenges provided and make a difference.

One of the constant things in my life has been Change!! It’s not only taught me about resilience but has excited and enriched me with its offerings; so, despite leading a successful professional life, I started to question my calling in life!! What on Earth am I here for?? And this curiosity led me to the world of coaching.

As a coach, I am able to reach out to a wider range of people. Some who feel frustrated and stuck in their lives, some who are just starting something new but feeling the jitters, some who are fearful of taking that first step but believe there is a wonderful world to explore, and some (like me) looking for a pivot. My role as a coach is help them understand themselves on a deeper level, partner with them to clear that vision for what they want their life to look like, and help them translate that vision into reality. As a coach, I am here to help you solve the issues from inside out and not let you cover it up with a band aid.

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